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Our story

About Us

Welcome to the page of Baku Corner – a fair trade concept operating for charitable purposes.

Baku Corner was launched at the initiative of Leyla Aliyeva, vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and Founder of IDEA Public Union as a non-profit project designed to contribute to global efforts to support talented individuals all around the world.

Baku Corner offers a diverse collection of fair trade products produced by local and foreign artisans. Besides taking lead to launch such a unique charitable project, Leyla Aliyeva endowed her own artworks to support the cause of improving human welfare.

Upholding globally recognized fair trade principles, Baku Corner offers economic opportunities and direct market access for the artisans from Azerbaijan and the developing world by helping the trade of their handcrafted products. We strive to make our input in providing fair wages for local artisans’ labor and therefore provide a sustainable market for trading their products, most notably Azerbaijani traditional headscarf called “kelaghayi” woven from fine and soft silk in a four-cornered shape. Our store also offers artworks produced by children living in local residential institutions, such as orphanages and children’s homes. We are open to new partnership ideas and suggestions.

Message from the Founder

I am pleased to welcome you at our corner.

We believe that human talent and skill should not be constrained by such hurdles as location and logistics. Even the remotest and most low-income communities in the world are full of unrecognized potential, which, if realized, would improve the well-being of these people.

At Baku Corner, we strive to give people opportunity get returns on their creativity and have their skills appreciated, both aesthetically and financially. That is why we reach out to artists and artisans, especially from the low-income communities, and bring their amazing products to meet their demand.

Our non-profit project is all about discovering talents from various corners of the world and creating a unique web portal to demonstrate their art. We believe that providing direct market access to traditional artisans and introducing their goods to the wider public will be mutually beneficial for producers and consumers. On the other hand, by offering people economic opportunities, we give them incentives to focus on what they do best, so that they can carry on making great products.

Every purchase can light a candle of hope elsewhere.